We aim to automate our artistic vision through rule-based systems. Our artwork manifests through digital mediums, crypto environments, robotics, and light.

The artists and builders in this community are spearheading the future of generative art.

The Generative Artist Club was founded as a Parisian salon to give the third wave of generative artists a common place to talk shop.

In 2019 the generative art scene was spread across Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and localized galleries. I was having dozens of conversations in parallel with different artists and thought we could all benefit from each other's knowledge and experience, so I invited 50 artists to a Slack group and the Generative Artists Club was born.

It has grown to 400 of the most impactful and focused artists in the space, and is the epicenter for the new wave of generative art resurgence that has accompanied NFTs.

We share techniques, critique works in progress, support each other's mental health, compare contracts, and deepen friendships. This club has become the private harbor for generative artists and has helped push the medium forward as a coherent community.

Aaron Penne
Visual Artist & founder of GenArtClub

After creating generative art for several years in isolation, it is remarkable to have found the GenArtClub, where so much talent comes together to share ideas, techniques, critique artworks and to be there to support each other.

Jos Vromans
Artist & Member

The Gen Art Club is more than simply a group of artists; it's like a family in which we all support one another, whether it's for work or personal reasons. So far, being a member of the Gen Art Club has shown me that we are all dedicated and passionate about generative art. It feels fantastic to be among so many talented and skilled folks who share the same interests, and it inspires you to do better every day. The support and feedback, as well as the discussion of challenges faced, are extremely valuable. The Gen Art Club is a place where you may learn and grow while also helping each other do the same.

Artist & Member

I'm grateful every day to belong to this supportive, creative group. I have had invaluable constructive feedback on my works in progress, been amazed and inspired by what my fellow artists are working on, and benefited immensely from others generously sharing their knowledge of techniques and best practices. Being a part of this community has made me a better artist.

Jess Hewitt
Artist & Member

What is special about this space is that it was around and vibrant even before the recent excitement around NFTs. While the increased interest in generative art in the last couple of years is certainly very much appreciated and has changed the lives of many artists in this community, I find it comforting to know that the foundation of this community is based in an interest in (perhaps even a compulsion for?) the practice of generative art and mutual respect for each other. These foundations continue to be reflected in the interactions I see in this space. To me, this space is inspiring, comfortable, and safe.

Devi Parikh
Artist & Member

The Generative Artist Club has been an absolutely invaluable resource and support to me in my generative art journey over the last few years. We support each other emotionally as well as technically, offering advice on surviving today's art world and on code, aesthetics and concept. It's also a mutual inspiration and development machine. I believe our ideas build and feed off each other, improving the quality of generative art as a whole, and pushing the genre forward both in content and visibility. 

Amy Goodchild
Artist & Member

The Generative Art Club is a fantastic, supportive and pragmatic community of talented artists, creators and visionaries. It is a privilege to contribute to the field supported by such a motivated group. Having being a member for some time now, it has been amazing to see what this group has evolved into, and even more excited to see where it will go next.

Andrew Strauss
Artist & Member

The Generative Artist Club was founded as a Parisian salon to give the third wave of generative artists a common place to talk shop.